Speaking Canvas #1: Greed
May 10, 2020
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Just like there’s no day without the night

there’s no darkness 

without light

life’s sometimes bitter

sometimes sweet

and taste of both

is what we need…

Berry So(u)l

Hello, dear friend and Welcome to our world!

I’m known as The Ordinary Guy and it is my biggest pleasure to be your guide on your trips to bittersweet lines. Bittersweet lines is kind of our communicating channel. It is your chance to get to know us. It’s section of controwearsy project dedicated to words that we consider important to be said. It’s full of art of living and poetry of life. We will be bringing you stories that can brighten your day, art that can open your eyes and information that you could find interesting. Through the bittersweet lines we will be introducing you all the aspects of controwearsy project, thanks to people who create it. We sincerely hope it will be delicious feeding for your soul.

Speaking Canvas

Speaking Canvas is unique artistic project that combines word art represented by Berry so(u)l’s poetry and modern visual art represented by PinkRabbit’s paintings. This project is a result of artistic collaboration of two brothers which makes it so special. Since these guys grew up together in one room, one next to another, they know each other much more than well. During their whole lives they’ve been sharing sweet moments of life as well as the bitter ones and it built very strong bond between these two guys. They had a chance to experience bright side of life just as much as the dark one and it results in irresistible need to create and share. No other two artists can relate to each other so much that they can speak the same language through absolutely different forms of art. In this part we will be introducing you pieces of their work.

The Ordinary Days

Just like anybody else. Since the day one when my mother heard me crying and screaming for the first time I’ve been writing the story of my life. And just like anybody else . Since the day one I’ve had  chance to explore what it really means to walk this world. I’ve seen places I had never thought i will see. I’ve experienced moments that will stay with me forever. I’ve met people i will never forget. I’ve gone through times that changed me and I’ve made decisions that made me who I am. I am lucky, thankful and glad to share my Ordinary Days with you. It is my little contribution to diversity of the world of controwearsy  and i hope you’ll enjoy it !

The Shining Stars of Controwearsy

In this section we will be introducing you amazing people that we had chance to meet. People who are being overlooked by the crowds very often but who make this world remarkably better just because they are true to themselves. People who are living examples of controwearsy message.

Berries of Soul by Berry So(u)l

Berry So(u)l is strange guy with interesting ability to create lines that somehow stick in your head. He is living example of how much can content differ from its cover sometimes :D. This guy, same as life, is full of surprises. So, if you have couple minutes to sit, relax and read, take your time and maybe you will find some line that can give you more than you would imagine.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes is pretty much informational section that will be giving you chance to see behind the fence. In this section we will be sharing different information about controwearsy project. Why we do what we do. Why it is so important for us. How whole this thing came to life and much more. You can believe me that it was not easy nor fast process to get to point that you can read these lines. There is plenty of things we would like to share with you to give you some kind of insight to this project that positively changed our lives.  And you never know there might be path to your happiness hiding between lines, too.  

To conclude this historically first post to the bittersweet lines we would like to thank you all for your time and interest. We look forward to hearing from you. We wish you all the best and wonderful day. It’s time to bring some controwearsy to this world! ; )