Speaking Canvas #1: Greed
May 10, 2020
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Berries of Soul by Berry So(u)l #1

17.2.2019 2:50 Prague, dorms 336

Human Alien

I said too many times
too good for this world
wherever i look 
i am getting hurt
perceiving too much
seeing a lot
feeling too deeply
i cannot stop

it is a gift 
and curse at the time
so many times
i just want to fly
fly far away
from this empty world
where to be human 
is the biggest fault

i look to the right 
i look to the left
there used to be love
there used to be faith

i look to the left 
i look to the right
there's nothing left
fraud, cheating, fight
wrapped into lies, arrogance, chain
they do feel nothing
but i feel pain

i'm so ashamed
i'm the same breed
it's darkest night
i'm walking the streets

i'm not a whore
just feel like one
hurt too many times
to say that i'm fine
used too many times
to let them get close
betrayed too often
no trust anymore…

but i'm still dreamer
believing in good 
maybe you ask yourselves?
“how dare he could?”

I meet a human 
from time to time
sometimes begging for money
sometimes wearing a tie
sometimes talking a lot
sometimes keeping quiet
good people, these moments
make me keeping fight…