…We are not perfect

“Controwearsy project” is celebration of life with everything it brings and everything what makes it full and beautiful. Celebration of differences that make us feel the same and imperfections that make us perfect humans. It's our protest against uniformity and facelessness. It's our celebration of being human. But most of all it is passion, joy, freedom and fun! So, welcome to the jungle.



Clothes that nobody wants anymore are an amazing medium for us. We transform thing that has been nothing for people so far, just another meaningless piece of cheap cloth, unappreciated and unwanted voiceless victim of consumption, into unique piece of art talking straight to people's heart. It becomes our canvas and thanks to our artistic recycling we give it second chance for life and we return it value it deserves. As we put in a piece of our own heart we give it chance to walk with people again. Not like a piece of cloth anymore, yet like an artwork with a mission ....controwearsy heART pART


We love art because that's who we are. We are creative weirdos with paint running in our veins and joy hiding in our face. We are creatures born to create and art is the way we talk. We don't make clothes we actually hate them. But since in this world we have to wear something, we create art we can wear… Art that is for everybody and free to move around the world to be seen by as many people as possible. Art that is for everybody with no exceptions. Art that is the unique joyful light in a greyness of sad sameness. Nothing less and nothing more than world-needed metaphor. So, it walks in the streets and spreads the controwearsy message round the world thanks to great controwearsy people who are not afraid to shine.


We truly believe that each human being is an artwork. Masterpiece like sculpture of David that needs to be freed from block of marble. Each human is an original born to shine, just needs to find the spark that lights him or her up… need to find his or her controwearsy. That's why every single controwearsy heART pART is unique, too. Each one is original unrepeatable artwork as well as you are. Because it doesn't matter where you are, how you look, who you love, what you have or don't have. You are an original born to shine, so don't let anybody kill your true self. Go and do whatever what makes your heart dance, soul sing, eyes smile and belly laugh. As long as everything you do, you do with love and passion, you make this world better place and that's what counts. Because this is not about unique and colorful way of dressing. It's about living unique and colorful life....controwearsy life…your life…

Who we are?

PinkRabbit and Berry So(u)l. Just two absolutely ordinary guys, grateful to be here. Dreamers, who still believe in people and still believe in good. Brothers who don't need a lot to be happy and in a tiny art studio without electricity, somewhere in the heart of Europe, we keep creating controwearsy heART pARTs. Because nothing would make us happier than find more people who live controwearsy. More people who shine, smile and spread positivity around.


Our heART pARTs are like Olivander's magic sticks. They keep getting to the people they belong to. So, if you don't like what you see and read, we appreciate your visit and wish you to find what you need. But if you feel like our words speak to you, you like what we do and you want to help us spread it more. Keep your heart open, there might be some heART pART that is meant to be yours…